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Specialed ESEM & SEM video

  • Results provided on CD, DVD, and web file

  • Results available as quickly as SAME DAY

  • Sessions viewed via the WEB from your own computer using videoEM LIVE

  • A complete web based library of all your sessions accessible via userID and password

Sessions usually performed within 2-3 days from receiving the sample material.


Send samples for SEM or ESEM  and promptly receive a video record of the SEM or ESEM session on DVD or CD and as a file stored in our web accessible database.

videoEM LIVE

Make an appointment, send the samples for SEM or ESEM, call at the appointed time, connect to our ESEM via the web, and direct the session over the telephone while viewing the instrument screen on  your computer.  The SEM or ESEM session is recorded to DVD or CD and web accessible library file throughout the session.


No travel time to the SEM and ESEM.

Complete SEM and ESEM results.

High level confidentiality SEM and ESEM results since videoEM doesn’t require specific instructions.

ESEM analysis gives you…

  • SEM on hydrated samples

  • SEM on dirty samples

  • SEM of true surface features

  • SEM of dynamic changes

With ESEM there is no sample coating. You can send the samples, obtain SEM video or micrographs, and have the samples returned to you in original form.

SEM or ESEM micrographs are only a “snapshot” of the EM session. VideoEM technology provides you with video of the entire SEM session. Our videoEM capture system coupled with to a Philips XL SEM / ESEM collects the entire SEM session and records it to CD or DVD. The live web broadcast service gives you direct access to the SEM or ESEM as if you were there…but from the convenience of your own computer. Your SEM and ESEM files are stored in a web-accessible database so that you can access them anywhere or share them with colleagues. Confidentiality can be maintained at any desired level since the SEM technician does not have to know exactly what is important to image.

Specializing in bone analysis

paleoDNA Analysis

  • mitochondrial DNA comparison

  • nuclear DNA analysis


Amino Acid Analysis

  • Amino Acid Racemization 

  • Concentration Ratio Analysis 

  • Specific Concentration Analysis


Protein Radioimmuno Assay (pRIA)

For Identification of morphologically unidentifiable specimens

  • human vs. animal

  • species identification 


Visual characterization with videoEM


PaleoDNA Analysis. Routine extraction and sequencing of mtDNA for comparative purposes.  Results are usually available within 30-60 days.  If you have your own DNA lab, the extraction service provides de-contaminated, de-inhibited and purified collagen ready for digestion and PCR (1 week delivery).

Amino Acid AnalysisComparative analysis of amino acids within archaeological bones for characterization and screening of suitable paleoDNA or radiocarbon dating samples.  Only 2-3 mg of material is required. Results available within 2-3 weeks. Three comparative tests are used to collectively indicate degree of protein (and DNA) preservation.

pRIAIdentification of species origin in bone fragments using radio-labeled anti-sera.  Especially suited for morphologically unidentifiable bone chips.  Only 50-100 mg of material typically needed.  Results within 30 working days.  Applicable to fragments up to 2 million years old.

VideoEM.  Visual characterization using ESEM is recorded to DVD or CD and to a web accessible library file.  With ESEM (environmental SEM) the specimen does not need to be coated.  It can be scanned, subjected to EDS (energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry) for elemental composition, and either retrieved for further analysis or returned without visual alteration. 

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